Nyki & Chris

At Bestow & Bloom, we are dedicated to bringing our Southern Oregon community, the most incredible and unique species of plants, personally hand-picked by us at nurseries from up and down the west coast.

To me, plants are more than decor. They are living, green members of our families.
— Nyki


More than 25 years ago, I got my first job selling flowers in N. Berkeley. That is where my plant passion really took off. When I wasn’t exploring the diverse and spectacular gardens of the Bay area, I was rescuing all of the suffering house plants that hadn't sold at the flower shop.

Fast forward to my early 40's. Again, working in the floral industry, this time in Portland, Oregon. Again, rescuing the dying plants that hadn't sold quick enough, I realized that if the flowers weren't grown locally and organically (or at least sustainably), that I didn't want to be involved in the industry.

It was a natural evolution to phase out the cut flower portion of my small business in St. Johns and focus strictly on living plants. Just a few years ago, I left Portland to return to Southern Oregon, where I had spent 15 years raising my two kids and opened Bestow & Bloom.

My passion lies with growing happy healthy indoor plants and helping our plant community in learning how to do the sa

Every week we have customers that come in to tell us how our plants are growing, blooming and bringing joy to their lives.  That is why I love what I do.
— Chris


Designer of Strawbale/Alternative Homes and burgeoning plant dad…

I began in the plant world when I moved out of my mother’s house (she did not do well with plants). My first plant was a philodendron. Once I got the hang of it, I carried this vibrant climber with me as I moved a half a dozen times between two states for a over decade. It had 3 runners that were nearly 20 feet long, meandering across the ceiling in my home.

The idea of helping my wife start a plant shop was exciting. I immediately stepped in to help as the business was just beginning. Helping to design and build the shop with Nyki’s vision, fell very naturally into place and all the while I began to grow and find myself loving the plant life. Before I knew it I was fully hooked and a full-time partner, managing the financial side of things. I am also the muscle, with an artistic eye and exceptional Tetris skills, which is imperative for packing a van full with plants.



Papi...9 year old Long Hair Chihuahua

Hobbies include long naps in his basket behind the counter. On occasion he can be seen greeting customers quickly or bossing Lemon around.

Lemon 1.jpg


Lemon...8-year-old French Bulldog x Boston Terrier

Hobbies include sweetly and relentlessly demanding petting and sun soaking at the door, which is cleverly orchestrated in order to receive the most attention from shop visitors.